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There needs to be a group to clean up the wiki

The list for unused images is incredibly long and exceeds the 1000 limit designated by software. Let's clear that up and make the pages much better.

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No matter how many beverages there are, butterbear will always be the most favourite of all. What do you think is your favourite one?

A guide to the most magical wizarding world beverages  - Pottermore
A guide to the most magical wizarding world beverages - Pottermore Pottermore
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What if Draco and hermione were a thing I would be so happy I know he is mean but what if he was kind but still hermione is a griffindor and Draco is a pure blood I don’t know
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• 7h

If only Hogwarts was real

I’m still think Hogwarts is real. I still think my Hogwarts letter is coming soon, any one else believe of Hogwarts, or any Hogwarts, Harry Potter artifacts?
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America explain

If Harry could fix his glasses, why did he not use magic to fix his eyes?
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Ranking of the movies of the Wizarding World?


10. Order of the Phoenix
9. Philosopher's Stone
8. Crimes of Grindelwald
7. Half-Blood Prince
6. Fantastic Beasts
5. Chamber of Secrets
4. Deathly Hallows Part 1
3. Deathly Hallows Part 2
2. Goblet of Fire
1. Prizoner of Azkaban
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Like if ravenclaw and hufflepuff and comment if gryffindor and slytherin

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• 16h

Lucius Malfoy

Who noticed that Lucius Malfoy almost said the killing curse to Harry in the Chambers of Secrets when Dobby was free
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• 16h

Logic me!p

So most of us know that in the books and movies first or second one. we find out the someone killed ten people with the Avada Kedrva curse. But that curse is only meant for one person to die at a time do there is a spell that makes other spells stronger the spell called maxima whitch brings spells to their fullest. So if that person had a strong enough bond with their wand they could have also used that spell before Avada Kedrva and killed 10 people. just saying!
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To my dearest idol, Alan Rickman

Dear Alan Rickman,

I know I'm a day late to celebrate your birthday, which I dearly apologize, but you are still my idol. You were definitely borned to play the role of Severus Snape, and you practically nailed it with total perfection. Not many people can imitate your voice. Tom Felton was scared of you in real life, for Merlin's sake!

And to Snape, I wish you a happy birthday, in the Wizarding Heaven at Kings Cross station platform nine and three quarters, chatting to Dumbledore peacefully and reunited with Lily Potter, not needing to worry anything anymore.

You are my biggest role model. 💗
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• 17h

Have you been to The Wizarding World of Harry Potter?

I haven’t been there yet but I really want to go
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• 19h

What house are you in?

I’m a Ravenclaw! 🐦

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What did you think of the Cursed Child? I thought it was a "BOO"!

This is my first post ever, but I'm glad I joined the community! Anyways, after reading The Cursed Child, and I think it deserves a "GREAT" credit.

Now, maybe you're all thinking, "Hey, no need to be harsh!" But, there's an explanation to all of this. Servers ones. Get it, SEVERUS in Several? No? Okay…


When Albus Potter and Scorpius Malfoy used a time turner, that DID NOT make sense in the first place. All the time turners were destroyed in The Prisoner of Azkaban, the only one left was the one Professor McGonacall gave Hermione for her impossibly-scheduled classes.

And they did mention that when using time turners, you would age the time you went back before. For example, if I turned it a year ago, when I come back, I'd be a year older now. BUT when Albus and Scorpius used it to 30 years before, they didn't age AT ALL when they returned.


According to the book, Daphne "Diggory" was born at the early battle of Hogwarts, which means Bellatrix was pregnant at the Malfoy Mansion. But in the movies, her stomach was absolutely flat, but not the point. You're telling me the Voldemort LOVED Bellatrix? He said he wanted no one, and he needed no one, obviously concluding love. And you can't just magically get pregnant. If so, why would Bellatrix even want that?


In one scene, Harry Potter was talking to his son, and he was so angry, he spat out, "I wish I didn't have a son." Are you kidding me right now? The thing Harry wanted the most was his parents. The mirror clearly said that! And despite all the terrible things he'd been through without Lily and James, it's quite clear he would NEVER do such a thing to his OWN son.

And in another scene, Harry yells at McGonacall that she wouldn't understand the friendship his son had between the enemy's son because she didn't have kids. This deeply hurt her, and Harry even said he would shut down the school if Albus and Scorpius continued being friends, the school that changed his life.

In another scene, Ginny even questions Harry about their marrige, and Harry treats her not like the Harry we know. Harry would treat both of these women nothing but respect. This deeply hurt me as well.


Sure, Ron is a goofy friend, but loyal as well. But in this book, they made him do NOTHING but ridiculous scenes such as farts and burps and unfunny jokes. In one scene, he was layed back like Ron, but that's it. No more Loyal Ronald Weasley anymore.

Wow, 4, a horrible number in my country like 13. I hope you have more facts that state whether the script was good or bad. Good comments are welcome too!

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• 22h

Which character are you most like and why?

I'm mostly like Luna. But a bit like Ginny.
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Lily Potter is Hedwig???

My theory is that Lily had hedwig as a horcrux and all horcruxs die at a certain age of the person or whatever like how hedwig dies on harrys 17 or 18th birthday and hedwigs always looked over Harry almost like a mother would so yeah but hey thats just a theory

Bye Bye
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I’m so glad that Harry Potter and Ginny Weasley got married and had kids same with Ron and hermione i wonder if Luna and Neville got married it would be awesome if they ever show a movie of all there kids it would amazing
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