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  • Harmione
  • Fremione
  • Hinny
  • Drapple
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  • Me and Draco
  • Draco and me
  • Me and malfoy
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  • Me and fred
  • Me and Harry
  • Me and Cedric
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Who do you ship MORE
  • Ronmionie
  • Harmionie
  • Hinny
  • Ron+food
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We have 6 kids. Their names are, maple, aple, stakeo, lako, Papo, and hapo.
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Polyjuice potion

Lets say for example Harry and Hermione made polyjuice potions and then Harry turned into Ron. If Hermione then takes a piece of Harry's hair and puts it in her potion; when she drinks it will she turn into Ron or Harry?
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Opinion on umbridge

What do you guys think about umbridge
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What is your favorite and least favorite house and Why?

My favorite is Ravenclaw. I don't hate any house
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Fiendfyre vs Protego Diabolica

In principle, is it possible that those two spells are actually one and the same? For Fiendfyre, we have a name and are missing an incantation; for Protego Diabolica, it's exactly the other way 'round, if I'm not mistaken. It'd be an elegant way to account for the obvious similarities, anyway. Are there any precedents for name and incantation diverging that much?

Or maybe there's no such thing as "THE fiendfyre spell" in the first place? Hermione refers to it as a "substance" (quoted in the article) - which I always found weird and fitting at the same time, as fire is considered process rather than substance in modern terms, but not so in alchemical terms - which may mean that a whole variety of spells employ it in various ways. The spell Crabbe uses in "Hallows" could then simply be to fiendfyre what "Aguamenti" is to water, while "Protego Diabolica" summons the same stuff, but puts it to a more complex and controlled use.

To take this to the extreme, one could suppose that fiendfyre is simply the generic name for magically summoned fire which has the potential to take on "fiendish" shapes or traits or whatever, in which case it'd have been deployed a bunch of times throughout the books. That stance runs counter to the dire warnings attached to the term, though, I reckon...


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Can dementors be imperiorised?
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Guys there is a new harry potter app game coming out!

And it is called wizards unite and I can not wait for this game I'm so excited for it and I hope you will be happy to
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If Luna can see the creatures that you can see when you see death Harry saw his mom and dad die as a baby sooo what do you guys think
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Ok, this isn’t about Harry Potter, but does anybody have TikTok? If you do, please follow me @thikki.nikki.chungus
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Would you rather....

  • date Voldemort
  • or marry umbridge
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Crimes of grindelwald extended cut disappointed

Is anybody else like really disappointment in Yates choice to leave out the alternate credence beginning, which is how the movie should have started?

Also how every deleted scene is labeled in the extended cut which I have never seen before in any extended cut?

I’m hoping they’ll replace Yates with guillermo del toro, it’s a lot to ask but I hope it happens. Rowling deserves a seasoned filmmaker and visionary and storyteller to bring her stories to life, and Yates is too inconsistent and weak as a storyteller.

I’d like to hear other opinions, if you agree or disagree and why.
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Hermione and her Parents

Hermione erased herself from her parents memories so that they never knew they had any children. What if they had another daughter after that and named her Hermione because they didn't know that they already had a daughter named Hermione. How awkward that would be when Hermione came back and restored their memories.

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