Harry Potter ja Feeniksin kilta (videopeli ääniraita)

Harry Potter ja Feeniksin kilta videopeli ääniraita on ääniraidan Harry Potter ja Feeniksin kilta videopeli, julkaisema EARS (EA Recordings).

Kappaleet Muokkaa

  1. The Story Continues
  2. Welcome to Hogwarts
  3. Dolores Umbridge
  4. A Gathering of Friends
  5. Exploring Hogwarts
  6. Cho and Harry
  7. Courtyard Frolics
  8. To Catch an Owl
  9. A Task in Hand
  10. Encounter With Malfoy
  11. The Inquisitorial Squad
  12. Stealth and Scurrying
  13. Beware Umbridge
  14. The Room of Requirement
  15. Invisibility
  16. Wand Combat
  17. Dark Wandering
  18. Evading Filch
  19. Navigating the Grounds
  20. Darkness Falls
  21. A Sense of Urgency
  22. The Dark Arts
  23. Fred and George
  24. Climbing the Owlery
  25. The Department of Mysteries
  26. Death Eaters
  27. Occlumency
  28. Dumbledore and Voldemort
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