George III (full name George William Frederick; 4 June, 173829 January, 1820), was King of Great Britain and Ireland from 25 October, 1760 to 29 January, 1820.[1]

He ruled the United Kingdom during the Revolutionary War, a notable military conflict between the non-magical peoples of Britain and (what would eventually become) the United States; neither wizarding government (British Ministry of Magic, led by Minister Crowdy, or the MACUSA, led by President McGilliguddy) officially intervened.

King George suffered from mental illness in his later years.[1][2] In 1782, the Prime Minister at the time, Lord North, confidentially reached out to then-Minister for Magic Porteus Knatchbull to see if he could help with the king's condition.[2] However, this resulted in a rumour spreading that Lord North believed in wizards, triggering a motion of no confidence that forced his resignation.[2]


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