"Bill and I 'ave almost decided on only two bridesmaids, Ginny and Gabrielle will look very sweet togezzer. I am theenking of dressing zem in pale gold - pink would of course be' oribble with Ginny's 'air."
—Fleur, talking about her wedding plan at the Burrow in 1996[src]

At her brother's wedding, Ginny Weasley was a bridesmaid along with the bride's younger sister, Gabrielle Delacour. She wore a pale gold bridesmaids dress, and looked prettier than usual in it, though her aunt remarked that her dress was far too low-cut. In the film, however, Ginny wore an elegant grey and black bridesmaids dress instead.

Behind the scenes

Gabrielle Delacour at the Wedding of William Weasley and Fleur Delacour

Gabrielle wearing an identical dress

In the film, Ginny asks Harry to zip up the back of her bridesmaid dress, then she gives him a long kiss.

In the film, Gabrielle's dress was identical to Ginny's.


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