• Hello! I am Yatalu, Wikia Helper of Dutch communities. We are helping on Dutch Harry Potter Wiki at the moment, but we would like to use a bot to add interlanguage links between Harry Potter Wikis.

    In order to do so, I would need bot rights on my account Botalu. Would you agree that I can add bot rights to the account? Thanks in advance!

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    • Hi! Polish Harry Potter Wiki thinks that add interwiki is important and we don't know that it is possible add this on bot. :) I agree for bot right for Botalu. Thanks for help. ;) Greetings!

      PS. In some articles Dutch interwiki is added. I hope that this bot don't make double interwiki in this same language. :)

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    • It will not :) the bot searches for already existing language links, and then adds when they are missing in other languages. There is an explanation in English also on mw:Manual:Pywikibot/ (you can ask a Polish Helper for help if you don't understand)

      It does

      • Updating to new name (if pages have been moved with redirect)
      • Adding interlanguage links that some pages have, but other pages don't
      • Deleting the ones that don't exist
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    • Oki, thanks :)

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    • Użytkownik Fandomu
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