Wyczarowałeś ze mnie serce (org. You Charmed the Heart Right Out of Me) — utwór jazzowy Celestyny Warbeck, który był hitem wśród starszego pokolenia lat 90. XX wieku. Molly Weasley uwielbiała podśpiewywać sobie tą piosenkę, przebywając w domu.

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Oh, my poor heart, where has it gone?
It's left me for a spell
But I don't mind, 'cause with you I find
I'm always feeling well...

— two, three, four!
You charmed the heart right out of me
Don't need no broom, I'm flying free
I think by now it's plain to see
I'm nothing without you

Your every wish is my command
My fragile heart is in your hand
And now, at last, I understand
The magic about you!

I'm losing all control
My chest is one big hole
Inside you'll see my soul
Happy as can be
'Cause, babe, you charmed the heart right out of me!

You charmed the heart right of me
To my whole life you hold the key
You cast your spell and suddenly
I cannot forget you!

This feeling's utter bliss
Yet something seems amiss
Like a Dementor's Kiss
You're consuming me!
And now you've torn it quite apart
I'll thank you to give me back my heart!

'Cause, you charmed the heart right out of me!
But I need a heart for loving thee
So give it back, together we
Can love till forever!

You may have not played fair
But, frankly, I don't care
'Cause without you I despair
Lost in misery!
Oh, babe, you charmed the heart right out of —
It's the one thing I've no doubt of
Babe, you charmed the heart right out of me!
Right out of me!

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