"The year 1473 saw the first ever Quidditch World Cup, though the nations represented were all European. The non-appearance of teams from more distant nations may be put down to the collapse of owls bearing letters of invitation, the reluctance of those invited to make such a long and perilous journey, or perhaps a simple preference for staying at home."
Kennilworthy Whisp, Quidditch Through the Ages.[src]

The 1473 Quidditch World Cup was the first-ever edition of the World Cup, an international Quidditch sporting event. Many, however, question the accuracy of calling this the first Quidditch World Cup: as only European teams competed during the fifteenth and sixteenth centuries, purists prefer to date the Quidditch World Cup's inception from the seventeenth century when countries of all continents joined the competition.[1]

The final was contested between Transylvania and Flanders, and has gone down in history as the most violent of all time:[2] all seven-hundred fouls listed in the Department of Magical Games and Sports records are known to have occurred during the final.[3] Many of the fouls then recorded had never seen before; they included the Transfiguration of a Chaser into a polecat, the attempted decapitation of a Keeper with a broadsword, and the release, from under the robes of the Transylvanian Captain, of a hundred blood-sucking vampire bats.[2] The Transylvanian Tackle was also first performed in the 1473 World Cup.[4]


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