"But Hogsmeade's a very interesting place, isn't it? In Sites of Historical Sorcery it says the inn was the headquarters for the 1612 goblin rebellion..."
Hermione Granger recounts facts she knows about Hogsmeade[src]

The 1612 goblin rebellion was one of a series of rebellions in which the goblin population of the wizarding world revolted against the discrimination and prejudice demonstrated towards their kind by wizards and witches.

The cause for this particular rebellion seems to have been, most likely, the lack of goblin representation on the Wizengamot.[1]

This particular rebellion occurred in 1612 and took place in the vicinity of Hogsmeade Village; one of the village's inns was used as headquarters for the rebellion.[2] Although exact casualties are unknown, they were presumably quite high on both sides, as the rebellions have been described as "bloody and vicious".

Behind the scenes

  • It is unclear which of the inns in Hogsmeade Hermione is referring to as headquarters during this rebellion, though it was presumably either the Three Broomsticks Inn or the Hog's Head Inn.


Notes and references

  1. This piece of information comes from the second W.O.M.B.A.T. featured in J. K. Rowling's official site. Question 5 (Part One - Magical Beings) is "Which (still unresolved) issue do most historians believe triggered the infamous goblin rebellion of 1612?". When analysing the possible answers, the first one, "Lack of goblin representation on the Wizengamot" seems to make the most sense:
    • "a. Lack of goblin representation on the Wizengamot" — this seems likely, as goblin representation on the Wizengamot is an issue that is "still unresolved".
    • "b. Wizard attempts to enslave goblins and use as house-elves" — this position does not seem to be a prevalent one among modern wizards (as goblins have their established place in society) and, as such, this would not be categorised as a "still unresolved" issue.
    • "c. Wizard refusal to grant goblins the right to carry a wand" — the Wand Ban, Clause Three of the Code of Wand Use, was passed in 1631, nineteen years after this conflict took place.
    • "d. Attempt of wizards to regain control of Gringotts bank?" — the Ministry decided to leave full control of Gringotts in goblin hands in 1865, so this does not qualify as a "still unresolved" issue.
    • "e. Series of brutal goblin-slayings by wizard murderer Yardley Platt" — Yardley Platt died in 1557, fifty-five years before this goblin rebellion, which makes it somewhat unlikely given the temporal distance. Besides, the fact that the correct answer is a "still unresolved" issue seems to rule out this possibility.
  2. Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban, Chapter 5 (The Dementor)
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