The following events occurred in 1947:



Neil Lament captained the Slytherin Quidditch team.[3]


Behind the scenes

  • 27 January: Peter Burroughs, who portrayed a bank goblin, born.
  • 31 July: Richard Griffiths who plays who plays Vernon Dursley is born
  • According to the mini-adventure The Queen's Handbag, Augusta Longbottom, grandmother of Neville Longbottom, was the victim of a prank by her husband involving her handbag and a fanged gerbil in 1947, leading her to booby-trap her handbags from then on (leading to some pain for Ron Weasley). The Queen's Handbag breaks from canon in several places (not least of which by being set in 2006), so therefore whether anything included in the adventure actually counts as continuity is a matter of debate. This piece of information regarding Longbottom is listed here, however, as the only piece of new Potter Universe backstory offered in the mini-adventure.

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