"Harry had deliberately left the trial of the Keepers until last, hoping for an emptier stadium and less pressure on all concerned. Unfortunately, however, all the rejected players and a number of people who had come down to watch after a lengthy breakfast had joined the crowd by now, so that it was larger than ever."
—Harry laments the large crowd that has gathered to watch the Gryffindor Keeper Trials[src]

In September 1996, a number of unidentified spectators attended the Quidditch trials for the position of Keeper for the Gryffindor Quidditch team, under the captaincy of Harry Potter.

The various supporters each had a favourite as for whom they wished to see win the position, with most supporting either Ronald Weasley or Cormac McLaggen.


"Come on, Weasley! ... Yeah, Ron! ... Go on, Cormac!"
—The spectators[src]

Most of the vocal supporters seemed to favour Ronald Weasley, though there was at least one holdout for Cormac McLaggen.[1] Ultimately, Ronald Weasley claimed the position, though not without a "helping hand" from Hermione Granger.[2]


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