9 Sherringford Square[1] was the street address of a yellow brick Victorian townhouse located in London (in the SE11 postal district),[1] where the Magizoologist Newt Scamander lived.[2] The basement had an Undetectable Extension Charm placed upon it to house several of Newt's magical beasts.[3]


Built sometime prior to 1927. Newton Scamander lived in this house and it to house several injured or rescued beasts in its magically-expanded basement. In September of 1927, American witch Queenie Goldstein and her fiance, the No-Maj Jacob Kowalski payed a visit here to Newt to tell him of their engagement.[4]


The house is very small, with old-style furnishings and decor. However, it houses a basement magically-expanded through use of the Undetectable Extension Charm. This allowed Newt to use his house as a sort of animal hospital for rescued and endangered beasts. The basement held a criss-cross of stairs that allowed Newt to move between his beasts. Several of his beasts lived in magically-expanded habitats. One example of these is the Kelpie.

Beasts contained in the basement

Behind the scenes

  • The SE11 postal district in London covers Kennington and small parts of Lambeth, Vauxhall, and Oval; the exterior was filmed at St Mary's Garden's, Kennington.


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