Abernathy (fl. 1920s) was an American wizard, employee for the Magical Congress of the United States of America and eventual follower of Gellert Grindelwald.[2]


In 1926, he served as a supervisor to both Tina[3] and Queenie Goldstein[4] in the Wand Permit Office and was responsible for overseeing their activities and whereabouts. He was unhappy when he found out that Tina had interrupted a meeting held by the Investigative Team again and admonished her. He asked her whether she was investigating the Second Salmers again, but when Percival Graves showed up, he immediately brightened up and politely said hello.

Later, he questioned Queenie where she was going and what she had in her suitcase, while she was attempting to transport Tina, Newt Scamander and Jacob Kowalski from the MACUSA building unnoticed. Queenie replied that she was ill and that the luggage contained women's things. When asked if he wanted to take a look, Abernathy immediately and uncomfortably replied that he wouldn’t, and wished her to get well.

Grindelwald turns into Abernathy

Abernathy in the Incarceration Carriage

A few months later, early in 1927, Abernathy assisted with the escape of Gellert Grindelwald.[5] He helped Grindelwald escape by temporarily switching appearances with the Dark Wizard, and boarding the Incarceration Carriage together with a team of Aurors and Rudolph Spielman. Grindelwald (still bearing Abernathy's appearance) then Apparated onto the carriage, killed the Aurors, sent Spielman flying down from the carriage, and conjured Abernathy (now restored to his true appearance) a new tongue, while Abernathy gave Grindelwald the salvaged blood pact vial. The two wizards then flew away to Europe, probably to Nurmengard.

Abernathy rally

Abernathy in the circle of flames

Three months later, Abernathy travelled with Grindelwald and other acolytes to Paris, intending to find Credence Barebone. He took on the appearance of an elderly lady to take a Lestrange family box from Records Room in the French Ministry of Magic. He later left box in the Lestrange tomb for Credence to find. Abernathy attended the subsequent rally of Grindelwald's at the Lestrange Mausoleum as one of his acolytes. When Grindelwald conjured a circle of protective fire around himself to test the loyalty of his followers, he stepped into the flames also disapparated away.

Personality and traits

Abernathy was originally a noble and responsible MACUSA employee, as he was entrusted with overseeing the activities of several subordinates, including the Goldstein sisters. Abernathy was also compassionate and understanding towards those subordinates, since when Queenie left work while feigning illness, he promptly wished her to get well soon.

However, Abernathy was ultimately persuaded by Gellert Grindelwald to join the latter's cause, which implies that Abernathy had always had some ambitions to end the International Statute of Wizarding Secrecy, but had simply been too hesitant to act on them. Abernathy quickly became a loyal follower of the Dark Wizard, helping Grindelwald escape by switching places with him, and engaging in other illegal activities with him, along with his other followers. This implies he developed a highly cunning, resourceful and possibly malevolent personality following his decision to join Grindelwald's mission.

Magical abilities and skills


  • Wand: Abernathy's wand was of unknown length, wood, and core material.

Behind the scenes


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