"Might get a hundred Galleons a pint."
Horace Slughorn[src]

Acromantula venom was a highly valuable fluid that was secreted from the pincers of an Acromantula.[1]


A phial of Acromantula venom

Due to the violent and carnivorous nature of the Acromantula, the venom was virtually impossible to collect from a live specimen. The venom was therefore easier to collect after the recent death of the creature, for by then the venom would not have completely dried out compared to how it would be long after the demise, so a wizard or witch had to be swift in collecting it. Another problem was the Acromantula's cannibalism, making fresh corpses extremely hard to come by. Because of the rarity of the venom, it may have fetched up to a hundred Galleons a pint on the open market.[1] The venom was used in Potion-making,[1] and was a known ingredient of the Armadillo Bile Mixture.[5]


Horace Slughorn holding a bottle of Acromantula venom

On 24 June 1995, Harry Potter was afflicted with this venom when he suffered a bite to the leg from an Acromantula in the Triwizard Maze,[6] though Fawkes healed the injury with his Phoenix tears.[7] Seeing how Harry did not suffer any ill-effects during his trial in the maze and the Little Hangleton graveyard, the venom may be largely harmless.

Acromantula venom was the main reason why Horace Slughorn accompanied Harry Potter to Rubeus Hagrid's cabin for Aragog's funeral, on 20 April, 1997. Slughorn was able to acquire what is assumed to be a large amount of venom from Aragog before they buried him. Because Slughorn was at the funeral, he drank alcohol with Hagrid afterwards and soon became drunk. As a result Harry was able to gain the memory he had been tasked to get by Albus Dumbledore.[1]

Behind the scenes

  • In the the film adaptation of Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince, when Slughorn went down to see Hagrid preparing to bury Aragog, he requested Hagrid to allow him to collect the Acromantula venom instead of doing so sneakily, though humorously, Slughorn accidentally pulled off the fang when he placed the bottle to it.[5]
  • In Harry Potter: Wizards Unite, this ingredient was featured in Beta testing for the game, but it along with other ingredients and potions were cut from the final edit and were not released in the game.


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