"Age yourself temporarily with this powerful potion."

The Ageing Potion is a powerful potion which causes the drinker to temporarily become older. The more of the potion is drunk, the larger the ageing which occurs.


A most famous use of the potion occurred when Fred and George Weasley and Lee Jordan attempted to use it to enter the Triwizard Tournament when they were still underage. Dumbledore had placed an Age Line around the Goblet of Fire to prevent anyone under the age of seventeen from approaching it. Hermione Granger warned Fred and George that the Age Line wouldn't be fooled by an Ageing Potion because Dumbledore himself made the age line and she believed that he would have thought of an Ageing Potion in advance.

However, Fred, George, and Lee thought that an Ageing Potion would be enough to fool the Age Line magic, but they were wrong; Fred and George were ejected forcefully back over the line and both sprouted long white beards for their trouble. Lee, much to his relief, never attempted to cross the line and so escaped such humiliation. S. Fawcett and Summers also tried to use the potion to age themselves to be eligible for the Tournament, and both also grew white beards from the Age Line.

Age potion effects

Fred and George after taking the Ageing Potion

On this occasion, George reported that they had taken only a single drop of potion each, as they only needed to increase their age by a few months. This indicates that the more of the potion is drunk, the larger the degree of ageing that occurs. It is also clear that other magic can see through the effects of this potion, as Dumbledore's Age Line proved.

After this, when the Triwizard Champions were announced, a bottle of ageing potion was seen on the Gryffindor table in the Great Hall. This is possibly the Ageing potion that was used by Fred, George, and Lee.

Behind the scenes

  • In the English subtitles it is spelled "Ageing Potion".
  • In the book version of Goblet of Fire, after Fred and George were rejected and sprouted beards, they only laughed. In the film version, after they were rejected and sprouted beards, they playfully fight each other, while the crowd encouragingly chants at them.


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