Alastor Moody's walking stick was a wooden staff that the retired Auror carried.

Other alterations

Years of work as an Auror left Moody with several injuries and prosthetics, including a magical eye, a chunk missing from his nose, multiple scars on his face, and an artificial leg. The difficulty of walking with an artificial leg made it necessary for Moody to procure the walking stick, and it is suggested that Alastor didn't use the walking stick before 1981, because he was at Igor Karkaroff's hearing without it.[1]


The top of the walking stick distinctly resembles a ram, reinforced by the clear appearance of a cloven hoof at its foot. This could be representative of his character as tough, resilient, hard headed, and having a strong offence.

The other notable features of the walking stick is that it is as tall as Moody's chin, and appears to have a vine wrapping around it from the height of Moody's thigh, tapering off at the base of the ram's head. The stick is arranged so Moody can hold it at firm grip.

As a weapon

The walking stick is made of wood and has some degree of offensive magical power, demonstrated in the Battle of the Department of Mysteries against a Death Eater.[2] This attribute is likely to have been a secret to give Moody an advantage in combat. When Alastor stunned a Death Eater in the Department of Mysteries, it suggested this walking stick be more of a secret staff.

Behind the scenes

Alastor Moody Staff disarm

Alastor Moody using his magical staff to attack a Death Eater during the Battle of the Department of Mysteries


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