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This wand was of an unknown length, wood, and core material.

Behind the scenes

  • This wand was used during filming but was later replaced in re-shoots and post-production Albus Dumbledore's wand after it was felt by J. K. Rowling to be too similar to the Elder Wand.[1]
  • The different wands can be seen in the later released promotional images[2][3] than as compared to what was shown in both the first promotional image and Twitter teaser post.[4]
Dumbledore wand goof

Dumbledore's original wand prop can clearly be seen on at least one occasion during the film

  • Despite the change, the original prop can still be seen in the finished film. One such occasion is when the teenaged Dumbledore slices his hand with his wand during the Mirror of Erised scene.


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