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"Never eat the leaves of the Alihotsy tree (also known as the Hyena tree). These leaves cause uncontrollable laughter."
Phyllida Spore, One Thousand Magical Herbs and Fungi[src]

Alihotsy (also known as the Hyena tree) was a species of magical tree.[1]


Alihotsy leaves

The leaves of the plant could induce hysteria and uncontrollable laughter.[1] The treacle produced by the Glumbumble acted as an antidote to the effects of Alihotsy leaves.[6]

Finely chopped Alihotsy leaves were used as an ingredient for the Laughing Potion. The leaves' mirth-inducing properties could be damaged by stirring the potion too vigorously following its addition to the mixture.[5] They are also the main ingredient in the Alihotsy Draught.

Minister for Magic Wilhelmina Tuft died in office after discovering her allergy to Alihotsy-flavoured fudge.[7]


The name of the plant is derived from Alohotsy, one of the sixteen figures of Sikidy, an East African form of Geomancy. As defined by J. K. Rowling, the figure symbolises "lightness of spirit".[8]


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