The Alizor of Westacottus was a humanoid magical creature with a rotund body, long, spindly limbs, large feet, large, round ears and a long, pointed nose.[1]


This creature was covered in The Monster Book of Monsters, and was therefore included in the third-year Care of Magical Creatures curriculum at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry under Professor Rubeus Hagrid. The one depicted in the Monster Book of Monsters was depicted with a snarl, wearing a pointed helmet but no other article of clothing.[1]

Behind the scenes

  • It is unclear what "of Westacottus" refers to (Westacottus may be a location, the name of the magizoologist who first documented the species, or something else entirely). Whatever the true meaning of the denomination, it does at any rate imply that there exist other kinds of Alizors.
  • The etymology of the name is somewhat puzzling, and it is likely that, like other background details in the Harry Potter films, it was named for some behind-the-scenes individual, likemy someone by the name of Westcott. Several Westcotts worked on Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone, including construction manager David Wescott, scenic painter Paul Wescott and special effects technician Kevin Wescott. However, none have some variation of "Eliezer" for a given name, which is the name that one would assume "Alizor" to be derived from.


Notes and references

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