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"Amelia Bones is okay... she's fair, she'll hear you out."
— Amelia's impartial and professional nature[src]

Amelia Susan[5] Bones (d. June/July 1996)[2] was a British witch and celebrated Head of the Department of Magical Law Enforcement.[8] Born to Mr and Mrs Bones, she likely attended Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry before joining the Ministry of Magic.

Madam Bones, having a seat on the Wizengamot, presided over the disciplinary hearing of Harry Potter. She was fair, unlike Cornelius Fudge, the prosecutor, and was astounded and impressed by Harry's ability to conjure a corporeal Patronus. She voted for the clearing of all of his charges and Harry was allowed to leave.[5]

Amelia was murdered a year after in June or July 1996 (likely by Lord Voldemort) though she put up a valiant fight.[4]


Early life[]

Little is known about Amelia's early life, other than that the First Wizarding War took a heavy toll on her family: her father and mother were killed by Lord Voldemort,[9] and Amelia's brother Edgar (a member of the Order of the Phoenix), his wife, and their children were murdered by Death Eaters.[7]

However, she had at least one surviving sibling. She and Edgar shared a niece (Susan) who was born to another, unnamed brother of Amelia. As she was a partial namesake of her niece, it is likely that she was close to that brother. She likely attended Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry during her youth.

Department of Magical Law Enforcement[]

"I remember when I was a young clerk…"
— Madam Bones reminiscing on her youth[src]

Madam Bones standing in the Wizengamot Administration Services office

Sometime after her schooling, Amelia joined the Ministry of Magic, at first in a minor clerical position.[10] She was there-on known as "Madam Bones". She would later become the Head of the Department of Magical Law Enforcement and had a seat on the Wizengamot.[8][5]

During the 1990–1991 school year, Madam Bones asked Jacob's sibling to help plan a Ministry Party for the Department as a part of their Ministry of Magic student programme assignments.[11] Later that year, she attended Kazuhiro Shiratori's trial before the Wizengamot, and interrogated the Dark wizard, Jacob, and their sibling during their testimonies.[12]

Second Wizarding War (1995-1996)[]

"My father reckons your aunt's a troublemaker, someone will teach her a lesson!"
Gregory Goyle threatening Susan Bones[src]

Respected and celebrated by most, the father of Gregory Goyle called her a "troublemaker" and that someone should teach her a lesson,[13] presumably disliking her due to her unbiasedness and his association with the Death Eaters.

Bones at hearing

Amelia at Harry Potter's disciplinary hearing

Bones sat on the Wizengamot and presided over Harry Potter's disciplinary hearing in 1995, which was initially supposed to take place in her office but was instead moved to Courtroom Ten in the depths of the Ministry. There, she sat on the bench along with Cornelius Fudge and Dolores Umbridge who acted as "Interrogators". Albus Dumbledore was the "witness for the defence". Despite poor treatment of Harry by Fudge, Madam Bones managed to keep the trial fairly unbiased and in defiance of Fudge's recent threats to fire anybody loyal or friendly to Dumbledore, allowed him to speak.[5]

Bones also confirmed that under the rules laid down by her department, the accused had the right to provide witnesses and evidence in their defence and to use magic in front of Muggles if circumstances threatened the safety of all present, something which Fudge was actively trying to deny. Thanks to this, Harry was found innocent by a large majority of the court, including Bones herself. During the trial, Madam Bones expressed admiration for Harry's ability to produce a corporeal Patronus at such a young age, and believed Arabella Figg's testimony while Fudge stubbornly didn't.[5]


Girl 1: "Did you hear about her aunt? Poor Susan."
Girl 2: "Yes, it's awful, I didn't want to leave my family behind this summer."
— Hogwarts students discuss Amelia's murder[src]

A 1996 Daily Prophet article: "Amelia Bones found murdered at her home"

Amelia was murdered during late June or the first week of July in the 1996 summer holiday,[2] presumably for her anti-Voldemort activities, in her own home. In the opinion of Fudge, who had recently been dismissed as Minister for Magic, she had likely been murdered by Voldemort himself, as she was known to be a very skilled witch and all the evidence left proved that considerable effort was required to kill her.

Her murder was also reported in the Muggle newspapers, the nature of which baffled Muggle police officers as she was murdered in a room which was locked from the inside. Only the Muggle Prime Minister was notified by Fudge the true reason of her demise.[4] Afterward, some members of the Order of the Phoenix referred to her as one of the greatest witches of her time, and that her absence would be keenly felt by many.[14]

Pius Thicknesse replaced Madam Bones as Head of the Department of Magical Law Enforcement after her death.[4]

The Calamity[]

During the 2010s, Madam Bones appeared as a Foundable during the Calamity. Volunteer members of the Statute of Secrecy Task Force were able to free her, allowing Madam Bones to return to her original time.[15]

Physical description[]

Amelia Bones was described as being a square-jawed witch with close-cropped grey hair and a monocle. This gave her an appearance of being a serious person, which matched her personality perfectly. She also had a loud, booming voice[5] that seemed almost too loud for her given her looks.

Personality and traits[]

"Justice demands accountability, and that means record-keeping."
— Amelia Bones's dedication to justice[src]

Amelia was a serious but fair person who did not overlook obvious points. She gave Harry Potter and Mrs Figg a chance to testify. She was also impressed with remarkable feats, given her admiration of Harry's production of a corporeal Patronus at such a young age. Unbiased and firm, she did not cave into Fudge's intimidation and corrupt authority, and even openly expressed her friendliness with Arthur Weasley, a known supporter of Dumbledore and Harry, even in Fudge's presence, whereas many other co-workers avoided him out of fear of the Minister threatening to fire anyone in league with them.[5]

Besides this, Amelia was a courageous woman, putting up a valiant fight against Voldemort himself despite knowing that she would more than likely perish, although she was ultimately killed.[4] This refusal to simply give in also suggests she was very strong willed, refusing to surrender or die so easily, even staring down the greatest Dark wizard to exist. It is also very likely that she was kind, especially towards her family, given the fact that her niece, Susan Bones was upset when she had died.

Magical abilities and skills[]

"A terrible loss. She was a great witch."
— Amelia Bones's skill and ability[src]
  • Magical mastery: Amelia was a very talented and competent witch, respected for her magical talent by Albus Dumbledore himself, arguably the greatest sorcerer of the age.[14] Amelia was powerful enough to be considered a threat by Voldemort himself, who felt he had to be the one to kill her, further commenting on her powerful magical ability. Her death, like the death of fellow witch Emmeline Vance, was a terrible blow.
  • Duelling: Amelia was a highly skilled duellist, being able to hold her own against Lord Voldemort himself for a while when he arrived to murder her. Fudge also confirmed that she was a very gifted witch, and the evidence showed that she had put up a good fight.[4]


Bones family[]

"She's my auntie, I'm Susan Bones. She told me about your hearing. So — is it really true? You make a stag Patronus?"
— Susan Bones regarding her aunt to Harry Potter[src]

Amelia was a member of the Bones family, a family of many great witches and wizards. The Bones family supported the Order of the Phoenix during the First Wizarding War. Their support of the Order was the reason why the most of them were murdered by Lord Voldemort or his Death Eaters.[7]

Amelia had at least one unknown sibling and one other brother Edgar. Edgar had a wife and children, but were all murdered by Death Eaters during the First Wizarding War, along with Amelia's parents. Her surviving sibling had at least one child, her niece Susan. They seemed to have a close relationship, as Susan was distraught over her death in the summer of 1996. Amelia was single and had no children.[4]

Cornelius Fudge[]

Cornelius Fudge 2

Cornelius Fudge, the ex-Minister for Magic, who Amelia had once respected, but came to despise

Amelia's relationship with Fudge before he had launched an unjustified smear campaign against both Albus Dumbledore and Harry Potter is unknown. But it is quite reasonable to assume that they had a mutual respect towards each other. Despite this, when Fudge had begun his campaign against Dumbledore and Harry, misusing his power, attempting to twist the laws and even threatening to dismiss members of the Ministry who supported them, Amelia's trust and respect for him began to diminish.

During Harry's disciplinary hearing, Amelia finally saw Fudge for who he truly was: an arrogant, cowardly, corrupt, dishonourable, delusional, dishonest, incompetent, selfish and tyrannical hypocrite. Amelia was completely enraged and disgusted by Fudge's mistreatment of Harry, who was falsely accused and wrongfully expelled from Hogwarts for alleged underage use of magic in the presence of a Muggle.

Despite Fudge's attempts to intimidate and purge anyone at the Ministry who supported Harry or Dumbledore, Amelia successfully maintained fairness and impartiality during the trial. She did so by disregarding Fudge's threats and ensuring that Harry was given a voice, countering the biased accusations stemming from his past actions and behaviour at school. Also, Amelia did not allow Fudge to dismiss Arabella Figg's testimony simply because she was a Squib, as Fudge hoped to discredit Harry's claims about Voldemort's resurrection.

But unfortunately for Fudge, Amelia had coldly reminded him about the operational guidelines of the wizarding world laws. She highlighted the accused's entitlement to speak up, provide witnesses and present evidence in their defence. Also, Amelia made it clear that Harry's past actions and behaviour at school were not relevant to the current trial. She proved that Harry's use of magic in the presence of a Muggle was purely an act of self-defence. Amelia further pointed out the laws of the wizarding world, which allowed underage wizards or witches to use magic in the presence of Muggles if the circumstances were presented as a threat to everyone's safety.

Afterwards, almost all the other members of the ruling court, including Amelia, voted in favour of Harry's complete exoneration from the accusations. Fudge, who was left with no choice, was compelled to reluctantly acquit Harry, since he, Umbridge, and a few other members of the court were completely out-voted, much to Fudge's complete dismay and humiliation.

After the trial, Amelia completely lost any trust and respect that she once had for Fudge, particularly because she knew that Dumbledore and Harry were being honest about Voldemort's return, while Fudge had delusionally constructed stories to protect his own reputation. Fudge claimed that Dumbledore was after his job and that Harry was an attention-seeker. Fudge's baseless claims were nothing but complete and utter nonsense, as he knew deep down that Voldemort had indeed returned, especially considering evidence like Severus Snape's Dark Mark becoming active once again. But he had still ignored the truth, because he prioritised his position as Minister for Magic over the safety of the wizarding community.

After Voldemort's public revelation of his return, Fudge was forced to resign from office as Minister for Magic and his reputation was completely damaged beyond repair. Amelia did not have any compassion, empathy or sympathy towards the ex-Minister. As far as Amelia was concerned, Fudge got exactly what he deserved for his misdeeds.

Sometime later, after Amelia had died in a battle against Voldemort, Fudge was saddened by her death. He viewed Amelia's passing as an immense tragedy, implying that he still had respect left for her, despite the role that Amelia had played in his own humiliation during Harry's disciplinary hearing.

Albus Dumbledore[]

Albus Dumbledore POA promo

Albus Dumbledore, who Amelia respected and supported

Amelia's effectiveness and unbiased personality has earned the respect of Albus Dumbledore. During the hearing, he appealed to her to follow the protocols of the Wizengamot, in which she agreed, and she permitted him to speak in Harry's defence and bring in witnesses.[5] When Amelia was murdered the following year, Albus noted she was a great witch, and mourned her loss deeply.[14]

Harry Potter[]

"Impressive. A true Patronus at that age... very impressive indeed."
— Amelia impressed by Harry's ability to conjure a corporeal Patronus[src]
Harry Potter HBPF promo 2

Harry Potter, who Amelia respected and supported

During a disciplinary hearing, Harry Potter was tried unfairly by the corrupt Minister Fudge. However, Amelia managed to keep the court back on track from Fudge's biased claims, permitting Harry to explain his reasons for breaking the Decree for the Reasonable Restriction of Underage Sorcery.[5]

Amelia also questioned him about his Patronus and was very impressed that a fifteen-year old had managed to achieve a corporeal form, even extending this complimentary information with her niece. It was due to Madam Bones's fairness and impressiveness that Harry was correctly acquitted and he came to respect her for it.[5] When he read of her death the following year, Harry was saddened. Harry later avenged Amelia when he killed Voldemort at the Battle of Hogwarts.


Amelia is a female given name. It is a variant of Amalia, derived from the Germanic word amal meaning "work" and means "industrious" and "fertile". The diminutive is usually Amy, Lia, Mia, Mel, or Mimi.

Etymologists believe that the name Amelia/Amalia is unrelated to the Latin gens name Aemilia, which was translated into English as Emily. Equivalents of Aemilia/Emily in romance languages do sound similar to Amelia (e.g. Italian Emilia) but have a different origin from this Germanic name.

Behind the scenes[]


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