Peeves, a poltergeist, is an "indestructible spirit of chaos", who was never once a living creature and whose death is, by definition, impossible

Amortality is the condition of never having died and being unable to die, as an amortal entity was never "alive" to begin with.[1] As amortality refers to entities that have never been alive from the beginning, it is different from "immortality", which means a living being who is unable to die.

Known Amortal Creatures


Amortality is the principal common trait of non-beings.[2]. The best-known examples are Poltergeists, as they have been described as "indestructible spirits of chaos", and are known to differ from ghosts (with whom they are often confused) in that they were never alive at one time.[3] Boggarts, Dementors and possibly Banshees, all being creatures that were never truly alive to begin with and seemingly indestructible, are other types of amortal creatures.

Sentient Objects

It is possible for practicioners of magic to imbue inanimate object with a life and will of their own (the best-known examples of this type of enchantments being Gargoyles and Portraits). Such creatures can be so made as to never age or decay, and only die if they are actively destroyed. However, these beings were not considered an exception to the impossibility of true immortality; it is thus very likely that, due to their "life" being artificial rather than natural, they are also considered to never have been truly alive and thus be amortal.


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