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"Andros the Invincible (Ancient Greek, dates unknown): Alleged to have been the only known wizard to produce a Patronus the size of a giant."
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Andros the Invincible was a celebrated Ancient Greek wizard who, reportedly, was able to conjure a Patronus as big as a giant which was and is the largest Patronus ever recorded.[1]



Andros was born in Greece, in the Classical antiquity. At some point, he mastered wandless spellcasting as well as the Patronus Charm. His corporeal Patronus was claimed to be the size of a Giant, although whether its form was in fact a Giant or some other gigantic creature is unclear. In recognition of his skill in wizardry, he earned the epithet 'the Invincible'.[1]


Andros immortalised on a silver Chocolate Frog Card

By the 1990s, Andros was featured on a Chocolate Frog Card, which recorded his wizarding skills and depicted him conjuring his famous Patronus wandlessly.[1]

Magical abilities and skills

  • Charms: Andros was evidently very accomplished with charms, as he was able to produce a corporeal Patronus (a very advanced and difficult charm) which was the size of a giant.[1]
  • Wandless magic: Andros was also capable of producing his incredibly large Patronus without using a wand,[1] showing him to have been a very powerful wizard to have been able to produce such an advanced charm without a wand.

Behind the scenes

  • Although Andros' Patronus is very famous for its size, it is known that the size and corporeal form of a Patronus has no influence upon its power. In fact, another famous Patronus, belonging to Illyius, took the form of a little mouse, but was still of immense power.[2]
  • It is probable that the patronus of Andros was really a giant, if there has never been another one as big: Hedley Fleetwood has a Woolly mammoth as patronus, which certainly would be considered gigantic compared to the forms generally assumed by the patronus, but in spite of this he is not defined equal with Andros.


  • The word Anēr, of which Andros is the genitive form, is Ancient Greek for "man". The word is currently used as a prefix in many non-Greek words. It is also the name of a Greek island (Andros), an Atlantic island, and several fictional characters in franchises such as Power Rangers, Sandman and Marvel Comics.


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