The Angel of Death, as depicted on Thomas and Mary Riddle's grave

The Angel of Death is a Muggle personification of the concept of death, originating from biblical accounts of archangels. It can be considered similar to Death from the wizarding fable The Tale of the Three Brothers. The Riddle family gravestone was accompanied of a large stone statue of the Angel, which was depicted as wearing long, flowing robes and carrying a scythe.[1]

Behind the scenes

  • In Greek mythology, the Angel of Death was named Thanatos, (θανατος) an angelic god who carried a sword. He was considered to be the counterpart of Eros, (Ερος) a god of love better known as Cupid. In Latin, he was known as Letus, the derivative of the English word lethal. Despite Thanatos' aggressive appearance, he was the god of nonviolent death. The Keres were the goddesses of violent death.


Notes and references

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