"Pansy Parkinson, to Hermione’s delight, missed all her lessons the following day, as she had sprouted antlers."
—Pansy Parkinson after having had this spell used on her[src]

Anteoculatia was the incantation of a dark charm that grew antlers on the head of the target.[1][2]


Gilbert Wimple from the Committee on Experimental Charms had this spell used on him, as he had large horns growing from his head before the 1994 Quidditch World Cup.[3]

In 1996, after Fred and George Weasley's dramatic exit from Hogwarts, Pansy Parkinson was hit with this spell, presumably in retaliation for the fact that she and other members of the Inquisitorial Squad had been helping Argus Filch to crack down on the sudden increase in rule-breaking. The next day, Pansy had to miss all of her classes, which pleased Hermione Granger.[4]


In Spanish "Ante" when used as a noun can refer to "buckskin". It is more commonly known in Latin, Spanish, Italian and Portuguese to mean "before" or "above". "Oculas" in Latin means "eyes" or "to see".

The spell can either refer to "buckskin", or buck-like attributes appearing. Or, more vaguely, refers to something above the eyes- where the spell appears to target.

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