"The thief took the wand and for good measure, slit the oldest brother's throat. And so Death took the first brother for his own."
—Description of the first theft of the Elder Wand[src]

This wizard (fl. between 1214 and 1291) was present in a pub when Antioch Peverell boasted of having an unbeatable wand. He slit Antioch's throat during the night and stole the wand from him.[1]


In the 13th century, this wizard was at an inn when Antioch Peverell came in after killing a wizard he had once quarrelled with. Peverell began to drink wine and brag about his his new indestructible wand had granted him victory over his enemy, which the unknown wizard overheard.

Envious of the wand's power the wizard waited until Peverell, drunk with wine, went to sleep. Slipping into his room, the wizard stole the wand and slit Peverell's throat to make sure he wasn't followed. The wizard then slipped into the night with his new powerful wand. It's unknown what happened to this wizard afterwards, though he likely suffered the same fate as Antioch and was killed by another for the possession of the Elder Wand.

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