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The Antipodean Opaleye was a breed of dragon native to New Zealand. It was known to migrate to Australia in search of territory.[1]

Description and traits

The egg of an Antipodean Opaleye

It resided in valleys, which was unusual as dragons typically resided on mountains. It was generally considered one of the most beautiful dragons, with pearly scales that lined its body, and glittering multi-coloured eyes that had no pupils. The Opaleye's eggs were pale grey and had been known to be mistaken by Muggles for fossils, and its flame was vivid red.[1]

The Opaleye was not particularly aggressive, rarely killing unless it was hungry. Its prey of choice was sheep, but it had been known to attack larger animals.[1]

This breed of dragon was a loyal creature and the least dangerous and deadly dragon of all.[2]


In the 1970s, several kangaroo killings were thought to have been caused by a male Opaleye that had been ousted from its territory by a dominant female.[1]

At some point around 2009, several dragons became sick, including an Antipodean Opaleye which was the sickest. Charles Weasley asked Rubeus Hagrid to help care for them, and when the Opaleye was cured, Hagrid took some scales from her and gave them to Lottie Turner as a gift.[3]

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