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"He chose easy, instead of right."
Albus Dumbledore lamenting Vogel's decision to pardon Gellert Grindelwald[src]

Minister Anton Vogel was a German wizard who, in the early 1930s, was the German Minister for Magic[1] and, concurrently, the Supreme Mugwump of the International Confederation of Wizards.[2] His term as Supreme Mugwump ended in 1932, setting the stage for the contended election that was held that year. He was also a secret supporter of Gellert Grindelwald and assisted him with his dark activities, while displaying an innocent facade to the rest of the wizarding world.[3]


In 1932 at the German Ministry of Magic in Berlin, after having been spoken to by Newton Scamander about doing the right thing, having been forwarded a message from him from Albus Dumbledore, Vogel shockingly announced that the International Confederation of Wizards had decided to acquit Gellert Grindelwald of all his crimes against the non-magic world, on the grounds of insufficient evidence against him, much to the horror, disgust and disbelief (due to his arrest at the hands of MACUSA in 1926, and his rally in Paris in 1927) of most wizards present. He also announced that Grindelwald was being allowed to stand as a candidate for the position of Supreme Mugwump of the ICW, the highest office in the wizarding world. He later claimed to other delegates that this was to give wizards a democratic vote on the issue and that he did not want Grindelwald to win, but that he feared suppressing Grindelwald's supporters would lead to violence.[3]

However, Vogel was secretly a supporter of Grindelwald and his Alliance, and witnessed first-hand his revival of a dead Qilin with Necromancy in water at Nurmengard Castle with Credence Barebone and Vinda Rosier. He was present at the The Walk of the Qilin Ceremony, where he pronounced Grindelwald as the new leader of the wizarding world once the reanimated Qilin falsely bowed before him, knowing of Grindelwald's deception. Once Newt had announced that the Qilin was dead, Vogel attempted to prove the Qilin was alive, only for it to expire in his arms, as a result of the necromancy having worn off. He witnessed Grindelwald be defeated by Vicência Santos and his departure.[3]

Personality and traits

Although he presented himself as politically impartial, fair, honest and tolerant, he was in reality corrupt and dishonest, and a secret supporter of Gellert Grindelwald, having knowingly helped him with electoral rigging to have Grindelwald elected. He also appeared to be rather charismatic, given his ability to seem genuine to others despite his real intentions.[3]


  • "Vogel" is a surname in German and Dutch-speaking countries, and it also means "bird".

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