"Spell that conjures a stream of water from the end of the wand."

The Aqua Eructo Charm (Aqua Eructo) is a charm that can be used to create a spout of water from the tip of the wand. The intensity of the water flow can be anything from a thin fountain to an immense, powerful and destructive jet.


This charm is taught late in the fourth year[1], presumably in charms class. While impersonating Alastor Moody throughout the 1994-1995 school year, Bartemius Crouch Jr provided extra lessons for his fourth years on this charm, among other spells.

Information on this spell can be found in a certain spellbook, a copy of which was owned by ex-Auror Alastor Moody.


This water can be used for a variety of purposes, such as extinguishing fires, defeating salamanders, pushing things or even to do damage to Creatures such as dugbogs and erklings, although it is most often used to extinguish flames, as above noted.

It is required, in order to cast the Ebublio Jinx, that one use the Aqua Eructo Charm on the targeted creature.


"Aqua" is Latin for "water"[2], and "eructo" is Latin for "erupt"[3]; therefore, the incantation, roughly translated, means "water erupts". This is suitable given the effect of the spell, which is for large, powerful jets of water to erupt from the wand.

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Behind the scenes

  • This charm appears only in the fourth video game, and does not appear anywhere else in the franchise. Therefore, it may have been meant as an early form for Aguamenti, before the latter came into use.
  • it is possible that this spell is the extinguishing spell or related to it.


Notes and references

  1. As Harry, Ron and Hermione all already know how to perform the spell and do so with success and ease in the summer before their fourth year, and yet they did not know it throughout most of their third year, evidently it appeared in the curriculum during the late third year or else was given as homework for the summer between third and fourth years, the way Lumos Maxima was done for the summer between the second and third years.
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