"I'm not putting them on. I like a healthy breeze around my privates, thanks."
—Archie to a Ministry of Magic official at the Quidditch World Cup[src]

Archie Aymslowe was a wizard and president of the Fresh Air Refreshes Totally (F.A.R.T.) movement, a fringe group whose members, in direct violation of the International Statute of Wizarding Secrecy, refuse to wear Muggle trousers in public, insisting that they "stem the magical flow at source."[1]

Archie attended the Quidditch World Cup in 1994. Since the event was a large gathering of wizards, the Ministry of Magic wanted them to dress as Muggles. Archie himself wore a flowery female nightdress without realising that what he had chosen was inappropriate. However, he resisted all efforts by a Ministry official to get him to change into a pair of pin-striped trousers, insisting that he preferred a "healthy breeze" around his "privates." Hermione Granger found this amusing, having a fit of giggles and having to duck out of the area, waiting until Archie had left to return to the others.


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