The Argentinian Council of Magic (Spanish: Consejo de Magia de Argentina) is the main governing body of the magical community of Argentina. Its President in 2014 was Valentina Vázquez.[1]


As the ceremony was set to take place in the Patagonian Desert, the Council was responsible for organising the opening ceremonies for the 2014 Quidditch World Cup. The Council decided that a mascot-themed opening would be appropriate, even going so far as to create a magical lake in the middle of the desert to accommodate the Fijian Dukuwaqa. The Council did not anticipate that any other nations would bring aquatic creatures, and thus were surprised when Norway elected to bring a Selma rather than the expected band of performing trolls. Despite an official statement from President Vàsquez that the Council could not claim liability for any violence between the two creatures, the Argentinian Council of Magic received heavy accusations that the ceremony was "foolish and reckless" after the Dukuwaqa and Selma began a fight that escalated into chaos between the various mascots and more than three hundred injuries.[1]

Despite the fiasco with the ceremony itself, the general opinion of the magical community was that the Council handled the transportation well, arranging a record ten thousand Portkeys with little difficulty.[1]

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