"A highly polished collection of chains and manacles hung on the wall behind Filch's desk. It was common knowledge that he was always begging Dumbledore to let him suspend students by their ankles from the ceiling."

Argus Filch kept a collection of chains and manacles hung on the walls of his office. Being a fan of corporal punishment, he kept them in the hopes that Albus Dumbledore would allow him to use the chains to hang rule-breaking students from the ceiling, either by their wrists[1] or their ankles.[2] However, Dumbledore always denied the use of this form of punishment and Filch merely resigned himself to keeping the chains well-polished in hope they would be used one day. During the regime of Dolores Umbridge, Filch finally would have been able to use his chains once Educational Decree Number Twenty-Nine was passed: however, Umbridge was driven from the school before that could happen.[3]


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