An Arithmancer is a wizard or witch who specialises in the field of Arithmancy, a branch of magic that involves using complicated number charts to make predictions.[1]

Known Arithmancers

The well-known Arithmancer, Bridget Wenlock, was the first to discover the magical properties of the number seven.[2] Septima Vector is known to have taught Arithmancy at Hogwarts from 1991 to 1996, quite possibly longer.[3]


Arithmancer and Arithmancy come from the Greek αριθμός (arithmos), meaning "number", and μαντεία (manteia), meaning "divination".

Known Arithmancers


Notes and references

Professors: Septima Vector
Known Arithmancers: Sage Bragnam · Lukas Karuzos · Chiara Lobosca's father · Bridget Wenlock
Textbooks: Numerology and Grammatica · New Theory of Numerology
Arithmancy at Hogwarts: Arithmancy (class) · Classroom 7A · Advanced Arithmancy Studies
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