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Armand Malfoy (fl. 1066) was a French-born wizard who arrived in Great Britain with the Norman invasion. He was the first Malfoy in Britain, and the founder of Malfoy Manor in Wiltshire.[1]


Early life

Armand was presumably born sometime in the late 10th or early 11th century in France. He came to Britain along with the Norman invasion, and presumably gained the friendship of William the Conqueror sometime around this time.

Life in Britain

Sometime after William I was made King of England in 1066, Armand provided various services to the king. Though the exact details of these services are unknown, they were believed to be shady and magical in nature. In exchange for these services, King William granted Armand a prime piece of land in Wiltshire, seizing the property from the former landholders.


This piece of property would go on to become Malfoy Manor, and would be the home of the Malfoy family for the next ten centuries. Later members of the family would expand the estate even further by annexing more property from the surrounding Muggles.

Behind the scenes


  • Armand is a French name, derived from the Germanic name Herman, meaning "army man".
  • Malfoy comes from the French mal foi, meaning "bad faith".
  • Therefore, the name Armand Malfoy could be taken to mean "man of bad faith," which could describe any (or rather, almost any) of Malfoy's descendants.


Notes and references