"Mr Scamander. The wizarding and non-wizarding worlds have been at peace for over a century. Grindelwald wants to see that peace destroyed and for certain members of our community his message is very seductive. Many purebloods believe it is their birthright to rule not only our world but the non-magic world as well."
— Arnold Guzman's concerns about Gellert Grindelwald[src]

Arnold Guzman was an American wizard who was the American Emissary to the International Confederation of Wizards in 1927.


In 1927, Guzman attended a hearing at the British Ministry of Magic, being a part of a committee comprised of himself, the Head of the Department of Magical Law Enforcement, Torquil Travers, and Rudolph Spielman of the International Confederation Wizards. The subject of the hearing being over the possible appeal of Newt Scamander's international travel ban. Scamander's appeal was ultimately denied by Guzman and the other committee members.[2]

Personality and traits

Arnold was a calm, but prim and very determined person, fearing the Global Wizarding War that Gellert Grindelwald had begun, as Arnold valued peace and diplomacy.

Behind the scenes


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