This wand belonged to Arthur Weasley and was of unknown wood, core material and length.


In 1992 Arthur used his wand to repair Harry Potter's glasses after a mishap with the Floo Network during a trip to Diagon Alley to buy school supplies, in which Harry ended up in the fireplace of Borgin and Burkes, Knockturn Alley.[1]

In 1994 he used it to blast open the blocked fireplace at 4 Privet Drive while picking up Harry Potter from the home of the Dursleys, so that the fireplace could be used for transportation to the Burrow through the Floo Network. Arthur promised Vernon Dursley that he would fix everything before he left.[2] During the same visit, Arthur had to shrink Dudley Dursley's tongue after the boy ate a Ton-Tongue Toffee that Fred Weasley had, deliberately, dropped. This took some convincing on the part of Mr Weasley first, as the Dursleys were understandably upset and hysterical.[3]

In December 1995, after being attacked and nearly killed by Nagini in the Department of Mysteries, Arthur's family and friends visited him in St Mungos'. Arthur used his wand to conjure some additional chairs for everyone to make themselves comfortable.[4]

In 1997, Arthur used it for the Battle of the Seven Potters[5] and in 1998 during the Battle of Hogwarts.[6]

Behind the scenes


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