"Newt points his wand at the ceiling. "Ascendio!" The towers rise once again from the floor, lifting Newt and the Zouwu high up into the air."
—Newt Scamander using this spell in the French Ministry of Magic[src]

Ascendio was the incantation of a charm which flung the caster high into the air.[2] The charm also worked underwater, propelling the caster above the surface.[1]


Newt Scamander used this spell in September 1927 on a library record column in the library of the French Ministry of Magic in an attempt to help him, Porpentina Goldstein and Leta Lestrange escaped from a pack of angry Matagots set upon them.[2]

Behind the scenes

Harry using this spell to lift himself out of the Great Lake

"Underwater he casts a spell which propels him towards the surface, he flies out and lands on the decking where the crowd are."


"Ascendio" comes from the Latin word "ascendo", meaning "to climb".

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