"...was sick of a malady no Healer could cure"
—Asha's description[src]

Asha was one of the three female protagonists in the story of The Fountain of Fair Fortune, which was included in The Tales of Beedle the Bard .[1]


Early life

Nothing was known about Asha's earlier life, only that she was a witch who became sick of a debilitating illness which no Healer had been able to treat.[1]

Quest to the Fountain

Asha came to the Fountain in the hope that it could cure her sickness. After the trials, she was left exhausted and near death, so one of her friends, Altheda, quickly prepared a potion that not only saved her life, but cured her affliction too. In this way, both Asha and Altheda found what they sought, and realised that they did not need the Fountain's blessing after all.[1]

After Sir Luckless bathed in the Fountain and successfully proposed to Amata, they, Altheda, and Asha left the Enchanted Garden arm-in-arm, and went on to live long and happy lives.[1]

Personality and Traits

In the beginning, very much like Altheda and Amata, Asha was portrayed to be an open and compassionate woman who could emphasise with the misfortunes of others, as seen by how the three of them became good friends through sharing their tales of woe, and even came to an agreement of uniting and trying to reach the Fountain if they had the opportunity to.[1]

However, like Altheda, Asha could also be a realist, which may make her seem ungenerous in a way, especially given how she became angry with Amata for accidentally bringing along Sir Luckless with them on their quest, and only changed her mind when Amata herself became angry with Sir Luckless and scolded him into helping them on their journey. It must be noted, though, that her illness could possibly serve as a justifiable reason for her anger and disapproval of Sir Luckless joining in the quest, especially since only one was allowed to bathe in the Fountain.[1]


Asha is derived from Sanskrit 'asa' meaning 'hope',[2] and is also an African word meaning life.

Behind the scenes

In the Hogwarts production the girl who played Asha fought in a duel with the girl who played Amata, over the boy who played Sir Luckless. This was because the boy had just broken off his relationship with "Amata" so he could date "Asha" instead.


Notes and references

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