"Any wizard realising that one or more Ashwinders are loose in the house must trace them immediately and locate the nest of eggs."
Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them[src]

Ashwinder eggs are the eggs of the Ashwinder, a magical serpent which is born from the embers of an unattended magical fire.[1]


Ashwinder egg FB1

A frozen Ashwinder egg

The Ashwinder eggs are extremely hot and flammable, and, if not frozen in time, will light fire to the surrounding area. They are bright red and very valuable when frozen.[1]


Frozen eggs are a common ingredient in potions, particularly Love Potions. They can also be swallowed whole as an antidote to ague.[1] An Ashwinder egg is essential to the creation of Felix Felicis.[2]


Some enlarged Ashwinder eggs played a large part in the ending of the Hogwarts school pantomime tradition. In the play The Fountain of Fair Fortune, an Ashwinder was supplied by Professor Kettleburn to play the 'blind and bloated' worm. The Ashwinder was enlarged with the use of an Engorgement Charm; however things got out of control, and the Ashwinder laid its eggs. These eggs, presumed to be enlarged like the Ashwinder, set fire to the floorboards in the Great Hall and ended the Hogwarts pantomime tradition.[3]

On 7 December 1926, Newton Scamander attempted to pay Gnarlak with a frozen ashwinder egg for information about his missing beasts.[4]

During the Calamity, which happened across the Wizarding world in the 2010s, wizards and witches who worked as volunteers for the Statute of Secrecy Task Force often collected and used these eggs, as ingredients for various potions brewed to help address the mysterious situation.[5]

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