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Asia is a continent in the eastern hemisphere.[1] The known wizarding nations that comprise it are Bangladesh, China, India, Indonesia, Iran, Japan, Korea, Mongolia, Nepal, Pakistan, Syria, and Thailand.

Magical community

The Tibet region, the Chinese cities of Jixi and Nanchang, the Japanese town of Toyohashi and island of Minami Iwo Jima are known locations that house the Asian wizarding community. According to Goshawk's Guide to Herbology, there is a wizard in Nepal who grows gravity-resistant trees. The Assyria and Borneo regions are known for magical flora and fauna.[2]

The Flying carpet is the main source of transportation in South Asia. It was invented in Bangladesh, and is also widely used in India, Pakistan, Iran and Mongolia.[3]

Magical government

The known magical governing bodies in the continent are the Bangladeshi Ministry of Magic, the Chinese Ministry of Magic, the Indian Ministry of Magic, the Iranian Ministry of Magic, the Japanese Ministry of Magic, the Mongolian Ministry of Magic and the Pakistani Ministry of Magic.[3]

Magical education

Mahoutokoro School of Magic is the only known wizarding school in Asia so far, located in Japan.[4] It is the smallest of the main eleven wizarding schools.[5] It is not known if it accepts students from regional wizarding nations. It is also possible that Koldovstoretz, the Russian wizarding school, is located in Siberia, the Asian part of the country.

Magical games and sports

Aside the National Quidditch teams in the continent, the Japanese Toyohashi Tengu is one of the few Asian Quidditch teams that gained popularity as of the last century.[3]

Magical creatures and plants




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