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This courtyard was an enclosed open area located at Hogwarts Castle, located at the base of the Astronomy Tower. It is opposite the Middle Courtyard, and between the Defence Against the Dark Arts tower and the Viaduct Entrance. The courtyard can be seen from the Stone Bridge. Large wooden doors are used to enter the Astronomy Tower.[1]

Behind the scenes

  • In the first two films and video games, the courtyard did not exist, as the Classroom 1B was located there. In the next three films and video games (except the fourth video game, in which it did not make an appearance) it is located at the base of the Dark Tower. Finally, in later films and video games, the Astronomy Tower replaced the Dark Tower.
  • It is the one of two courtyards in the films (the other being the the Quad) where no scene took place.
  • Although it is seen in the Half-Blood Prince video game, it cannot be visited. This is because the game uses a decoy Astronomy Tower (with this courtyard) in the correct position while having the front of the tower and the Middle Courtyard be somewhere inside the Long Gallery. It is unknown why the developers made it this way.


Notes and references

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