"They burned down Dedalus Diggle's house, but as you know he wasn't there..."
Remus Lupin tells of the attack[src]

This was a short but disastrous attack by Lord Voldemort's Death Eaters on the home of Order of the Phoenix member, Dedalus Diggle on 1 August, 1997.


The attack occurred almost immediately after the fall of the British Ministry of Magic, during which it was taken over by the Death Eaters. The house was well-protected by complex and powerful protective enchantments which prevented the Death Eaters entering it before this, but the power of the Ministry enabled them to dismantle this magic and enter the house. They presumably searched the house, but found nobody there as Diggle was in hiding with Harry Potter's relatives, the Dursleys. Because of this, the Death Eaters burnt down the house and vacated the scene, presumably to come to the aid of their fellows who were at the very same time staging similar attacks on the houses of Order members countrywide.[1]

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