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The attack in Hogsmeade[2] was perpetrated by the masked and cloaked Elliot Evers following the attractions set up by Victor Gridley[3] in Hogsmeade during the first weekend trip of the 2010–2011 school year for students at Hogwarts. It began as a firework display and involved the release of a spell which set a tree on fire, and when three Hogwarts students witnessed it and saw Elliot, the two parties duelled. After they fought, Elliot escaped.[1]



During the 21st century, an anarchist organisation known as the Nocturnal Order of Tricks and Magical Exhibitions, or NOTME, was actively trying to reveal the magical world to Muggles. The British Ministry of Magic had been investigating NOTME for years until the early 2010s when this attack would take place.[1]

Before Daniel Page went to Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, his mother Kaleena was put in Azkaban after she frightened the Muggle police with magic and led Ministry officials to believe she was a member of NOTME. Before her arrest, however, she had been given a special golden coin by Victor Gridley to be reminded of her debt to him. Gridley once owned a Skeleton Key which was capable of unlocking any door, but it was, according to him, stolen by one of the Hogwarts professors, who he thought was a member of NOTME.[1]

The attack

Elliot Evers and the students preparing to duel

Daniel Page, Ivy Warrington and another student were able to go to Hogsmeade by their third year. During their first weekend trip, they spotted Linderina Crane, an investigator from the Improper Use of Magic Office, speaking to Professor McGonagall likely about NOTME. Daniel also saw a goblin looking in their direction several times and thought he looked familiar, so he decided to follow him. The goblin led them to a display that looked like the release of Weasleys' Wildfire Whiz-bangs. Beside it was a masked wizard, who saw the students and had a duel with them.[1]


Neville and students surrounded by origami birds

When the duel was over, Professor Neville Longbottom reached the students and examined the situation. Just as they were about to return to the Hogwarts Castle, they noticed a bunch of red origami birds landing near them, which were signed by NOTME and alerted them that their spies saw them, and if they would not rather meet a tragic end, they should return what they had stolen and "unlock all magic".[1]

Linderina Crane interrupting Herbology class

The Ministry thought the sinister messages was a threat against them. Crane immediately began investigating the incident, and checked the three students' wands for potential evidence in the Headmistress's office. She also interrupted Professor Longbottom's Herbology class and asked to check his wand, although since the last of the spells he had cast were for restoring the tree, there was no useful evidence. Crane also went to the Quidditch pitch and checked various students and items. She was later found unconscious near the greenhouses and claimed to have been attacked by NOTME.[1]

The students meeting Victor Gridley

In the Great Hall, Daniel received a personal mail asking him to come alone to a place in Hogsmeade. He nevertheless brought his friends with him, and upon arrival, saw the exact goblin he had seen earlier. They were soon cornered by the goblin and another white-bearded man, and were brought inside Victor Gridley's caravan. Gridley told his story and stated that since Kaleena was unavailable, he would like Daniel to pay her debt by returning the Skeleton Key back to him. Daniel refused to help him, but was coerced to comply after Gridley threatened to release a Dementor on his sister Esme.[1]

Skirmish at the Blooming Party

After Daniel was bitten by an Acromantula in the Forbidden Forest and rescued by Elliot Evers, the two became friends. The criminal history of Daniel's family was soon exposed by Rita Skeeter, and Elliot defended Daniel from two bullies by using a spell that exploded in the shape of a dragon, which Daniel recognised as the same one the masked wizard had used during the attack in Hogsmeade. Elliot eventually revealed himself to Daniel as a founding member of NOTME, and using this information, Daniel found the Skeleton Key in Elliot's Quidditch chest. Meanwhile, a Blooming Party had been organised by Professor Longbottom, during which Gridley and his associate, Mr Pronk, showed up and kidnapped Longbottom. The three students returned to Gridley's caravan to give him the Skeleton Key and bring back Professor Longbottom and Esme.[1]


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