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"We journeyed to his house. Moody put up a struggle. There was a commotion. We managed to subdue him just in time. Forced him into a compartment of his own magical trunk. Took some of his hair and added it to the potion. I drank it; I became Moody’s double. I took his leg and his eye. I was ready to face Arthur Weasley when he arrived to sort out the Muggles who had heard a disturbance. I made the dustbins move around the yard. I told Arthur Weasley I had heard intruders in my yard, who had set off the dustbins. Then I packed up Moody’s clothes and Dark detectors, put them in the trunk with Moody, and set off for Hogwarts."
Bartemius Crouch Junior recounting the attack while under the influence of Veritaserum[src]

This attack took place between Alastor Moody, and Bartemius Crouch Junior along with Peter Pettigrew in order for Crouch Junior to impersonate Alastor Moody, in order to help Harry Potter throughout the Triwizard Tournament, in order for him to touch the Triwizard Cup, witch he would turn into a Portkey, witch would take him to the Little Hangleton graveyard in order for Peter Pettigrew to use his Blood to ressurect Lord Voldemort.[1]


The attack

Before the 1994–1995 school year began, Moody was attacked in his home by Barty Crouch Jr and Peter Pettigrew, at Voldemort's order. Moody proved more difficult to overcome than initially thought, and put up a significant fight which alerted his Muggle neighbours, but was overpowered and imprisoned in his own magical trunk. This was done as part of Voldemort's plan to regain power.[1]


Amos Diggory called Arthur Weasley about the situation via the Floo Network.[2] Rita Skeeter later wrote an article to report the incident.[3]

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