Harry Potter: "What's the matter?"
Ronald Weasley: "She's — she's sent me a Howler."
Neville Longbottom: "You'd better open it, Ron. It'll be worse if you don't. My gran sent me one once, and I ignored it and — it was horrible."
Harry Potter, Ronald Weasley and Neville Longbottom, as Ron receives a Howler from his mother.[src]

This Howler was written by Augusta Longbottom to her grandson Neville sometime before 1992. Neville chose not to open it and, as he remembers, "it was horrible".[1]

Behind the scenes

"I ignored one from my gran once... It was horrible."
—Neville about the Howler[src]
  • In the Danish version of the film, gran is mistranslated as farfar which means grandfather. The reason is possibly this, that Neville only says gran and not grandmother.
    • "Jeg ignorérede engang en fra min farfar... Det var frygteligt.".


Notes and references

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