BULGARIA VERSUS NORWAY was the title of a Daily Prophet article written by Ginevra Potter and published on 6 June, 2014. The article covered the match between the Bulgarian and the Norwegian National Quidditch teams, part of the 2014 Quidditch World Cup.[1][2]


From the Daily Prophet’s Quidditch Correspondent in the Patagonian Desert, Ginny Potter.
Bulgaria 170 - Norway 20

In one of the biggest upsets of the tournament, the Bulgarian side, who many considered lucky to have qualified, has ousted one of the joint favourites. Norway now fly home asking themselves how things could have gone so wrong, so quickly.

Bulgaria, whose first match was made considerably easier for them when New Zealand's team was reduced to six after a sending-off, showed good form straight off the whistle. Nikola Vassileva was responsible for both of Bulgaria's early goals, but Norway's Lars Lundekvam soon equalised.

The end came almost without warning. Viktor Krum's sudden descent looked like simple Bludger-avoidance and Norwegian Seeker Sigrid Kristoffersen not only neglected to mark him, but was actually looking the other way when Krum raised his right hand to show that he had secured a Bulgarian victory in the 42nd minute. Few will fail to sympathise with Kristoffersen, who flew directly to the ground and banged her head on it until dragged to her feet by Keeper Karl Wang. Krum, who has been written off by many journalists as too old and slow to compete at 38 years old, was borne from the pitch in triumph by fans.

Heartbroken Norwegian coach Oddvar Spillum had no comment for reporters, but broken sobs. There can be no doubt that this has been a deeply unlucky tournament for the usually outstanding Norwegians. However irrational it may seem, many fans blame the Selma, a Norwegian lake monster that the team brought as a mascot and which caused a bloodbath at the opening ceremony. The Selma is tonight hiding in a secret location.


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2014 Quidditch World Cup
From the Daily Prophet’s Quidditch Correspondent in the Patagonian Desert, Ginny Potter
Live Coverage of the 2014 Quidditch World Cup final
(11 July, 2014)
From the Daily Prophet’s Quidditch Correspondent, Ginny Potter and Gossip Correspondent Rita Skeeter
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