A balaclava, or ski mask, is a close-fitting garment that covers the whole head and neck except for parts of the face, it is typically made of wool.


In 1992, Rubeus Hagrid was wearing one of these when he talked to Harry Potter about why he was not in class (Herbology had been cancelled because of the snow).[1] Hagrid also had the very same balaclava perched on top of his head when he burst into Albus Dumbledore's office only hours later to say that he was prepared to swear that Harry was not the Heir of Slytherin in front of the Ministry of Magic.[2]

In 1993, as he ate breakfast at the Leaky Cauldron, Harry saw what he thought was a hag wearing a thick woollen balaclava.[3]

In 1994, Charlie Weasley was darning a fireproof balaclava.[4]

In 1996, Harry Potter saw Cho Chang while on the Hogwarts Express; and her friend Marietta Edgecombe was wearing a balaclava.[5]


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