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Arthur Weasley: "What’ve you got there, Bob?"
Bob: "We thought it was a bog-standard chicken until it started breathing fire. Looks like a serious breach of the Ban on Experimental Breeding to me."
— The Ministry confiscating a creature that was considered a breach of the ban[src]

Newt Scamander, the law's writer

The Ban on Experimental Breeding was a law enacted in 1965 to regulate the growth of wizard-bred magical creatures. These include dangerous creatures such as Acromantula, Basilisks, and a fire-breathing chicken confiscated by Bob. It was written by the Magizoologist Newt Scamander, and was enforced by the Ministry of Magic's Department for the Regulation and Control of Magical Creatures. The punishment for violations of this law is handed down by the Wizengamot.

Scamander personally regarded the implementation of the law as his greatest achievement, or at least the one he was proudest of.

Behind the scenes

  • Despite the ban, there have been instances where new creatures have been created without any mention of punishment. For example, popular singer Celestina Warbeck is a known breeder of rough-coated Crups, the Blast-Ended Skrewts bred by Rubeus Hagrid in 1994, and the Pygmy Puffs bred by Fred and George Weasley as part of their WonderWitch product line. Given that Fred and George run a joke shop, it is possible that they obtained permission to breed the Pygmy Puffs - or, because they are not dangerous, there was no need to enforce the law - that there are certain unspecified exceptions or loopholes in the ban, or that enforcement may simply be lax.
  • Rita Skeeter wrote in an article in the Daily Prophet that breeding Blast-Ended skrewts may be violation of the law. Though it may be possible that Hagrid gained permission to breed them, as they were used in the Triwizard Tournament and Albus Dumbledore allowed them to be covered in Care of Magical Creatures classes.
  • It does not ban Transfiguration involving beasts such as Trans-Species Transformation.
  • A similar ban was already enacted in 1925 in New York.[1]


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