Seamus fire

An attempt at spell casting by Seamus Finnigan literally blew up in his face, demonstrating "Bangs-and-smells magic"

"He had never seen a wizard work like this, simply by looking and touching; but Harry had long since learned that bangs and smoke were more often the marks of ineptitude than expertise."
Harry Potter contrasts Albus Dumbledore's magical actions in the Horcrux Cave to bangs-and-smells magic.[src]
Bangs-and-smells magic is the common term for magic that is flamboyant, but not necessarily effective. When magic usage results in these showy after-effects, (such as loud bangs, smoke, and smells) they are often seen as mark of an incompetent wizard.

In the opinion of Garrick Ollivander, wands made from acacia were not suited to this sort of magic, instead being better matched with wizards who have more subtlety in their spells.[1]

During his first year at Hogwarts, Seamus Finnigan was notable for often invoking of this type of magic. However, during his later years at Hogwarts, he further developed his penchant for the combustable, eventually becoming something of an expert in pyrotechnics.


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