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"The Banishing Charm is the opposite of the Summoning Charm, and causes objects to fly away from the person casting the spell, towards a specific target."
— Description of the Banishing Charm[src]

The Banishing Charm[2] (Depulso)[1] was a charm that sent the target away from the caster. It could send a target towards a specific location and worked on both living beings and inanimate objects.[2] The Banishing Charm was opposite of the Summoning Charm.

Unlike the Summoning Charm, which could summon specific objects from anywhere, the Banishing Charm only banished whatever the wand was aimed at.[2]


"They were supposed to be practising the opposite of the Summoning Charm today — the Banishing Charm. Owing to the potential for nasty accidents when objects kept flying across the room, Professor Flitwick had given each student a stack of cushions on which to practise, the theory being that these wouldn't hurt anyone if they went off target. It was a good theory, but it wasn't working very well. Neville's aim was so poor that he kept accidentally sending much heavier things flying across the room — Professor Flitwick, for instance...he Banished a cushion with a sweep of his wand (it soared into the air and knocked Parvati's hat off)."
— A fourth year Charms lesson on the Banishing Charm[src]

This charm's effects on a human target

Third year[4] and fourth year[2] students in Charms class at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry learnt this spell. Harry Potter and his classmates practised this spell in their fourth-year Charms class. Harry and Hermione Granger proved to be very good at this spell, with their cushions landing in the correct area. Professor Flitwick found himself being thrown around the room by Neville Longbottom, whose aim with the charm was not very good.[2]

In the 1990–1991 school year, Jacob's sibling used the spell to knock over the Dark Wizard Burke at the Romanian Dragon Sanctuary, when he was about to harm Alastor Moody.[5]

Severus Snape used the spell on Dolores Umbridge in an alternate universe set up by the Experimental Time-Turner.[6]


The Banishing Charm was used to push targets, both living beings and inanimate objects towards a specific location. If a caster's aim was poor the charm would banish random objects or people to various locations around the room. The fact that it could be used against living beings made it useful in a duel, as shown by Severus Snape.[6]

Known practitioners

"Depulso!"... She always was too grand for her own good. There's no turning back now."
— Severus Snape while banishing Dolores Umbridge in an alternate reality[src]

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From the Latin "depulsio", meaning "driving/pushing away". Also is similar to repulse meaning "drive/push away with force", although this is a precise antonym to attract, literally "pull towards". It could also be seen to be derived from the English word pulse (as in a pulse of energy) and the prefix "de" which would make it mean "a negative pulse of energy".

Behind the scenes

Depulso as seen in Harry Potter: Puzzles & Spells

This spell's wand movement in Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery


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