The Banshee (Gaelic spelling beannsidhe) is a Dark creature native to Ireland and Scotland.

Biology and Description

A banshee had the appearance of a woman with floor length black hair, and a skeletal face. They also had green skin


The Bandon Banshee was supposedly defeated by Gilderoy Lockhart, which he describes in his book Break with a Banshee; though he admits to stealing credit for his books. The only thing known about the actual witch who defeated the Bandon Banshee was that she had a hairy chin.

Seamus Finnigan is afraid of Banshees, as his Boggart demonstrated. Seamus also mentions it when Harry Potter opens up the golden egg and hears a screeching sound.

The singer Celestina Warbeck is known to perform with a backing group of banshees. Another possible banshee was the Bogle-banshee, mentioned by a student on the "Second Year Essential Knowledge Test" that Gilderoy Lockhart gave his second year Defence Against the Dark Arts class in 1992.[1]

Protection from Banshees

The only known way to stop a banshee is to break its neck when it closes its eyes to scream, because every other part of its body is as tough as steel.

Powers and Abilities

A notable power of a banshee is a high-pitched supersonic scream that can kill anyone. A banshee's fatal scream is very similar (if not the same) to a fully grown Mandrake's scream, which is also fatal. [citation needed]


Notes and references

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